How can you help

As Amanda Palmer points out in her TEDTalk, there's an art to asking and we'd like to work that way with you. As our community, you've many more links and connections than we do and we're going to use the first section of this "How you can help" page to ask you for help with the bits and peices that will make staging our events easier.


Many venues have many things, but not all venues have everything and if they do they are often very expensive. There have been many occasions where we've found a great space but haven't been able to use it because the costs associated with bringing in "the works" have made it prohibitive to our not for profit budget.

A portable stage

Flat floored venues present a problem if you're sat at the back. A small stage lifts both the speaker and the event. If you represent an organisation that has a stage we could occasionally borrow for such events we'd like start a conversation with you.

A blackout curtain and frame

A lot of venues these days are funky and cool glass-sided thought spaces, which is wonderful until you film in them. It would help enormously in our presentation if we could make friends with someone whohas a blackout curtain and frame.

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