TEDxTalks at TEDxDocklands

Ask a question. Reflect the answer. Pose an alternative view, the "but what if it's this". See the reaction. Lead into the explanation. End on a final revelation.

Not every TEDxTalk follows this frame work, but every TEDxTalk is structured, rehearsed, refined and rescripted until it is just right. 18 Minutes is not a long time to say your thing and not every thing is worth saying.

A TEDxTalk is a story, it can be a personal memoir, scientific discovery, factual reporting, or simply a delivery of some fantastic information.

Now, you might have such a story or you might know someone who does, but before you contact us we'd like you to peruse the two TED and one TEDxTalks below and ideally pop over to TED.com and look a a dozen more. We need you to appreciate what is expected of you and what is expected of your talk. It might not be for you.

Some of our favorite TED and TEDxTalks

We think this is a good TEDxTalk, not just because it took a considerable effort for Tim to come on stage, but for what Tim reveals in the final section of his talk. This is what a good TEDxTalk does, it stays with you.

Amanda's TEDTalk asks you to open your mind to a different way of thinking. A professional performer she steers us through the different sections of her talk seemlessly and using props, mime and movement and keeps us engaged until the final word.

This is the most popular TEDTalk on TED.com. It's entertaining and very funny, but delivers a single very clear message.

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