Be part of the TEDxDocklands team

TEDx is a completely volunteer organisation—from the speakers, the licensee, the organisers, writers, designers, photographers to the ushers. None of us receive any money for our work and our time.

Commercial thought leadership events can cost thousands for a single ticket. If we charged that much few would have the chance to attend our conferences. If we charged that, we'd have to charge for TEDxTalk videos. If we charged that, it would be like a job and that would be no fun.

TEDx is not for profit because we believe the ideas TEDx expose us to are worth sharing.

We ask all potential volunteers for a minimum committal period of 12 months. We are an entrepreneurial space and we ask you to find your niche in TEDxDocklands. It's a bit about your personality, a bit about how we relate to you, but mostly it's about how you conduct yourself. We ask you to get your hands dirty and contribute.

Interested? Follow this link and fill out our volunteer form.

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